Dusty by Cheri & Family


Dusty my nutter butters. We miss you so much. I never realised how quick cancer can take a dog. I still remember the day we went to the pet store. You were suppose to be a Golden Retreiver shows how much those pet store people know huh. You were a lab you were the only one there and once we picked you up and held you we knew you were coming home with us. We couldn’t have ended up with a better kid. But we never guessed that you would be taken from us so soon. We only got nine years with you. I miss your bugging us to death every morning till you got your bones. Your constant barking till you got what you wanted. But you left a legacy Harley Tangie Gidget Mickie and Buster they live on and make sure they keep getting there morning bones.We all miss you Dusty
I still think when I come through the door that I’m going to get a big kiss from you like I always did but your not there.
I want you to know Dad and I love you as do all five other furry kids and we will never forget you. We have you sitting right on the TV to see each day. We shall see you again until then take care of all that passed before you. Until we see you again.

We love you Dusty

Mom Dad Harley Tangie Gidget Buster and Mickie


16, Sept 2000
Cheri & Family