Dusty by Stephanie


We knew you were suffering
so God took you away.
I prayed you wouldn’t
hurt or feel pain.

Deep down I knew death
would be the only way
Each day you got a
little weaker and sicker.

Each day a little piece
of me died with you.
Sadly on Monday morn
you couldn’t follow me about.

You just laid there and
watched me prepare.
I wish I’d gotten a chance
to hold you in my arms
To tell you that I love you
to say goodbye…
just one last time.

Dad told me after school and
I cried and cried
My heart hurt so much
I thought I couldn’t bare
I thought I was going to die.

It gave me comfort to know
you didn’t die alone.
Although he doesn’t say
it I know he’s hurting too.
You were a member of our family
we loved you!

Dad built you a casket
to keep you dry
He wrapped you in your blanket
to keep you warm.

He took care in where he put you
to show one last act of love.
We made you a cross
that read your name and
the description
“Steph’s Eternal Friend” and
that’s just what you were.

You’ve showed me love and
loyalty like I didn’t know.
My family has to love me
but you chose to love me
to be mine!

No other could ever take your
place my baby you’ll always be.
I’m trying to get
through my day not by
thinking of your death
but your life.
We’ve had great times and
memories together.

Mom and Cara miss you too
We all cry when we talk about you.
Melady is hurting too!
She doesn’t ahve that leap
in her heart that she had when
she was with you.

As sad and hurt as
we all very much are
We knew it was selfish
to make you live in pain.

You had lost that glowing light
in your eyes and your
ambitous lighthearted
personality that was you.

So as hard as I prayed
for you to get well
I soon knew my prayers
weren’t so much for you.
As much as I needed you
I knew God needed you too.

My hand still yerns to touch you.
My arms still ache to hold you.
My lips still want to kiss
your wet little nose
But mostly my heart wants
to be with you.
As much as I wish and want
I know your with God now
so you can’t be with me.
But please don’t be sad
my dear Dusty
I see myslef lucky
to have the privillage
to be your girl.

So sleep now my sweet doggy and
wait for me in heaven
because old ladies need doggy’s too!

In memory of Dusty my Eternal Friend,my best friend who at the age of 12 was taken away from me by cancer.I got Dusty for my 7th birthday.
He was and always
will be with me.

Sleep well my precious friend


22, April 2002