Dutchess by Tammy Adonizo / Mommy {aka Rawhide bone taker}

My Forever Friend

Dutchess, my friend, my soul-mate..From day one we both fell in love with each other as we looked at each other through the bars of your cage at the shelter. I said “that poor dog will come home with me”, and a week later we were together not separated by bars or chains, we were sleeping side-by-side. We had endless fun together.. swimming, running, playing frisbee, and “arrfing” around on the floor.

When I was upset you were always there to lick the tears of my face, and you never gave me a hard time ever. I remember walking down the street having you at my side not needing a leash.. but the last few months of your life.. You lost your sight, and the ability to walk, and the loss of bladder control.. I knew you were leaving me soon, but didn’t want to accept that my best friend was going to not be here for christmas….The day we walked into the vet hospital(Nov.2, 2002), I was a wreck, as the vet walked in the room I knew I would be saying my last good-bye. I Will miss you forever, but every night I light a candle for you.

We had you cremated so we can have you in our home forever, I say good morning to you every day as I see you resting painlessly on the memorial shelf I set up…. Dutchess I will miss you, but remember baby… You are gone to a better place, but you will NEVER be forgotten…


To My Most Loyal Friend,
2, Nov 2002
Tammy Adonizo