Ebony by Debi Kruse / Debi

Ebony, my sweet. You were in my heart and my soul, and when you left me, a piece of my heart went with you. How will I get past seeing your sweet face and the comfort of feeling you sleeping in my arms every night. We’ve traveled on many journeys together over the years and you never once abandoned me, but showered me with unconditional love in your eyes. You went so quick and unexpected, I never had the time to prepare, to say goodbye. Even in the end I was there to hold you in my arms, for we were together even then as we always had been.

To you, I was your hero. To me, you were my everything, my princess, my love. You brought me such joy and happiness. I will never forget you and will love you till the end.


With my never ending love,
20, Nov 2005
Debi Kruse