Egg by Tara-Jay

Egg my darling I hope you sleep peacfully now.

Sausage misses you very much he’s been lost since you’ve gone.

I will never forget you Egg you and Sausage started my hamster collection lol. You were so fantastic it made me want more and more of you but no matter how many hamsters I ever had you were always very special to me.

My little Egg please come visit Sausage as he is very lonely now.

I wish it could have been different for us my darling we didn’t have much time together only 19 short months. That was long enough for me to fall in love with you though and I promise never to forget you.

I’m sorry I wasn’t here for your last day in this life but I know Sausage was there and that probably meant more to you.

I just don’t know what to say to you now my little Egg you were a fiesty one and that’s probably why I love you so much. I keep expecting to see you at the door of your cage wanting out although we both know that whenever I took you out you were sure to nibble me lol.

I’ll miss you forever and as long as I can breathe you will never be forgotten.

Tara – Jay


11, January 2000