Elmo by Maria Pearson / mom

“Elmo”, (My Little Pug Dog)

You came into my life one faithful night,
Full of love and fun, a complete delight.
You made life for me so unforgettable,
I could tell we’d always be inseparable.
And that is just how it was for 15 years.
My sweet little four legged dear.
I could only hope to get the love and
devotion that you gave to me,
From another person in what we call the human race to be.
You are truly how God had defined unconditional love.
No judging, cheating or hurting, just giving over and above.
I will forever regret the day I had to say good bye at best.
You became too old to go on and
it was time for me to lay you to rest.
I will always feel you resting in my heart,
For that kind of love is impossible to depart.

Bye Maria Pearson


Miss you,
16, July 2001
Maria Pearson