Ember Keeleigh by Carol, Brian, Auntie Sue / Mommy

Our Precious Emmie,

My baby girl, you came into my life 2 yrs ago.
Daddy and Auntie Sue picked you and Sahara up
at the Airport, as Mommy was home sick.
What a special angel you were, when I layed
eyes on you., your sweet fragile face and the purrs
melted my heart. You came into our lives and
changed us completely.

Then came the day, you got sick sweetie..Daddy rushed you to Dr Rana, that was only 2 weeks after we had you. The Dr knew something was terribly wrong. On the 17th day after you came to us, I was left to play GOD with you honey, I had to end your suffering of FIP, that you had. The breeders you came from sent you on that long plane ride to me, being such a sick girl as you were. So, I told Dr Rana, to send you to Heaven. Then you could be a healthy playful girl again. I only had you 17 days my Emmie, but it was the BEST 17 days of my life. You also got to know what LOVE was too sweetie, by ALL that met you in person, and also those whom never met you, like your Auntie Theresa, and Auntie Bonnie, and your very special Auntie Leslie Taylor., whom loved you with all her heart.

I gave you the stars Emmie, as Auntie Theresa did, in her Memorial to you, saying that the stars would light you way always, and you would NEVER be in the dark. You are so loved Emmie and missed..But Mommy will see you again one day…and this time longer than 17 days. Love you my precious Emmie, stay safe and warm.
Your Mommy whom thinks of you every minute of every day.

To All seeing this Tribute, Emmie had FIP
FELINE INFECTIOUS PERONITIS, a deadly disease, that there is no cure for. Please go to
and see the Memorial my best friend did for our girl.,and read more about FIP.


With a whole world of love and more,
Ember Keeleigh
15, Sep 2003
Carol, Brian, Auntie Sue