Emily by Giovana and K.C. / Mama and K.C.

My Sweet Emily Girl,

I made good on my promise,
but it was the hardest thing
I have ever had to do.

You were the sweetest thing that ever walked this earth. Your beauty and patience will forever be unsurpassed. I wish you could’ve stayed with me forever and even then wouldn’t have been enough. You were always by my side when I got sick and no one was more happy to see me. Even Nona loved you more than anything. I am so sad and lost without you. It has been over a week and I can’t stop crying. Please look in on everyone until I get there and know that I will miss you everyday of my life. These 13 years just weren’t enough. Know that I will see you again and
we will never again be apart.

Now you are my guardian angel in heaven.


With all my heart and soul,
27, Aug 2005
Giovana and K.C.