My beloved baby girl,
I saw those sad eye’s through that cold steel cage, and my heart screamed to take you away. It was as if I knew you before, and could see that you felt the same when I opened the door.
Those long ears, and sad eye’s, almost made me want to cry. Even though others passed you by, I knew you were the one by the look in your eye’s. You were so gentle, so smart. Almost as if you were holding a humans’ heart. I welcomed you in my home, and you soon made it your own. You kept me warm at night as I held you tight. You stayed by my side when I had a bad day and cried. You knew if I was sad, and just looking at you made me glad. I am grateful to have you when I did, and now that you are gone I almost feel sick. I cry for you to come back home my Ess, but I know that you are at rest. I can still feel your soft coat, those long beautiful ears that made you gloat. Now, you are my Angel. And some day my heart will untangle. I love you so much and hope that you know that, where ever you are. Shining in the sky like a bright new star.


Always and Forever until I see you again,
12, Sep 2002