Faith by Rhoda / Rhoda and family

We will always love your our precious kitty angel Faith
We did not want you to go away
We cry tears for you each day
and know that they never will go away….
We wish you were still around but know
that you are floating in the clouds
Looking down on us from above knowing
that you were loved!
We could do nothing to save you from death
but we loved you until your last breath….
We know you are not suffering anymore
and are floating from cloud to cloud
playing with many kitty friends that have crossed
over before….
You now have kitty angel wings and are looking down from above….
sharing with us your heavenly love…..
The pain we feel will never really go away
until we see you there someday!
We love you our precious kitty angel Faith
and will always love you til the very day
that we will be together again up in the clouds so very far away!
We lost you way too young
but know that now you are having fun!


With heart felt love and kisses,
17, June 2005