Farlie by Charmaine Pellegrini / Charmaine

Her Big Pink Nose

Farlie was a golden Lab
That can not be replaced
I Loved to Kiss her big Pink Nose on her beautiful face
She looked at you with such love in her eyes
It can never be erased

She used to love to run and play
And then she got real sick
Everyday we prayed and prayed
and took her to the vet.
She was only seven years old
When we had to let her go.

Now she is in Heaven and feeling better I am sure
But if you must know the truth inside
The part that I cannot concede
The fact that I will never be able to Kiss her Big Pink Nose again,
Is really killing me.

I am happy for the memories and glad I had the time with her.
How can I stop the pain inside
It keeps hurting more and more.

God hear my pain and please do me a favor
And kiss her you know where!
Tell her that I will always love her and One day I will be there.


Love Always,
13, Sep 2002
Charmaine Pellegrini