Ferby by Marie / Mommy

Ferby my little one, l had you for such a short time. You’re a very special loving cat. Always sweet with other cats, and loved your little sister so. When she passed away you seem so lost. You’d wait at the fence gate looking through the wild flowers, waiting for her return home. But your little sister didn’t return because she had passed on to the beautiful place where you’re at now. You became sick not too long after her passing.
I know you had a broken heart also because she wasn’t with you anymore. But l love you little Ferby Derby, and you knew with my smiles and loving kisses for you. Ferby you’re at peace now, and l know you’re with your little sister too. The both of you will always be in my heart.
Sleep well my little Ferby.


I Love You Ferby
28, May 2005