Flounder by Maggie / Mommy

You wandered up all alone
A beautiful gray kitty without a home
I called to you and you came right away
Somhow I think you knew you had found your home that day
You had smoky gray fur and little gold eyes
you loved to be petted and my how you would purr
And I decided to name you Flounder
We bonded so quickly, I loved you so much
You seemed to like your new home very much
But on that Saturday I knew you weren’t well
You were not yourself I could tell
I grabbed you and off to the vet’s office we went
I hoped and prayed that you would get better
I hoped that you would be coming back home with me
Much to my sorrow that was not to be
The Vet said you were dying, it was clear to see
You were in pain, I knew what my decision would have to be
It was a hard decision to make, but I knew
I loved you so much I did it for you
Still I wonder why you were taken away
Perhaps we will meet again someday
I will always remember you
I will never forget
My little gray Flounder cat the day that we met
I loved you then and I still love you now
I do find comfort in knowing you are at Rainbow Bridge now
Running and playing with all of your bridge friends
No more pain and suffering, because at the bridge this all ends.
This will be your final home and this makes me sad
But you are no longer sick and for this I am glad
Five short weeks that doesn’t seem long
In the blink of an eye you were here and in another blink you were gone.


I will always love you Flounder Kitty,
7, July 2003