Fluff by Leanne / Leanne,Tracey, Daniel and family

I didn’t want this time to come
I didn’t want to have to say goodbye
But now it’s your turn to go
Just remember I love you with all my heart and nothing will ever change that
No cat on this planet will ever replace you because they can’t
You are one in a million, a total one off that’s
why you are so special.

I know why you had to go
Even though I wanted everything to be alright
I just wanted you to come home
My life is messed up now
Nothing will be the same ever again
I don’t think I would ever know a cat like you – who makes sure the gerbils stay together when they escape without trying to eat them.

I will always, always remember
When you first arrived here when you was a kitten, how you settled in so well and made yourself at home, I fell in love with you and knew that no matter how naughty you was I could never be mad at you.
You was only six – years – old
Too young to be taken away from us
I prayed you would get better but you never
I’m never going to forget you
And on your birthday I will look above
And wish you a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’
I know you wont get into no more pain
And nothing bad will happen to you now
Your going to be safe now.

My heart is breaking
It’s going to take alot to heal it
I don’t want to carry on with life without you
But I’ve got to care for Tigger – she seems so down
I bet your thinking for godsake Leanne pull yourself together.
I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye
But I wasn’t ready to let you go.
All these tears that fall from my eyes are for you
You have left us with some fantastic memories of you fluff and some lovely photos that we will look at again in time but at the moment it’s to hard
If I could of swapped places with you, I would have but I guess it wasn’t meant to be

I’m sorry, I wish I could have made things different but you was so ill babe.
If you could only know how much I love you.
If you could only know how much i miss you.
Maybe then you could see how special you really are.
I know you’re safe now.
Even though I wish I still had you in my arms
There’s too much to say
But not enough time.
I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to fully recover, but no matter what you won’t ever be forgotten.

They say it gets easier as time goes on
But I don’t think it will.
I’m always going to think you will be coming home
But you won’t I’m going to be waiting for you to walk through the door, with your fluffy tail behind you but I won’t see that no more.


With loads of love,
14, Dec 2006