Fluffy by Adriano / Adriano & Family


It’s our first Christmas without you, it’s hard for me I miss you so much! When i got the phone call my heart just collapsed, I rushed home wanting to say goodbye but i was too late! It was so hard to say goodbye at the vets. Seeing you on that table was a feeling I don’t want to experience again! you looked like you were sleeping & smiling.

I hope you enjoyed your life with us! I did you were so unique! I don’t want another cat because it wont be you!

We still have your bed,
I look at it everyday picturing
you’re there.

Every morning I look at the back door waiting to see your head pop out of the curtain, I know you’r eat the end of rainbow bridge waiting for us, you’re away from danger and pain with nice green grass & where
the sun shines all the time.

Fluffy if I had I wish
I’d wish to bring you back!

I know your with me right now so I like to say

Merry Christmas!

I Love you so much!


Run Free & Run Fast My Friend....RIP! xx
23, May 2007