Fluffy by Adriano / Your Brother


I remember when we 1st laid our eyes on you it was love at 1st sight! You were with your little brothers and sisters and you came to us. We took you home you sniffed around getting to use to your new home. Mum wasn’t keen of you at first but she couldn’t ignore your cute face. I remember the firt time you went to the toilet in the litter tray and swept it up. Each day we saw you grow into a man. I miss how you don’t pop out of the bushes and say hello when we come back; you weren’t just a pet you was like a brother! I wish you weren’t taken from us it hurts so much. I can just see you sitting next to me as I’m writing this so I’d like to say I LOVE YOU FLUFFY. XX


Till We Meet Again at the end of the rainbow....Run Fast & Run Free My Friend xx
23, May 2007