Fluffy by Karen


" Fluffy "

Jan. 1 1986 ------ Dec. 15 1998



This is for a very loving cat her name was Fluffy

she was a very special cat. She found her way into our lives

when she was 6 months old and we loved her from the start.

She was a very sweet kitty loved to be held and petted all the time.

Then one night God saw fir to take her from us.

Daddy did what he thought was right Fluffy I miss you so

much girl I miss you being outside when I get home from work

and meowing at me. I miss those sweet eyes of yours,

and I know daddy misses you alot too.

Thats why we had you cremated so that you are close

to us all the time.

There will never be another Fluffy you were one of a kind,

and I know one day Daddy and I will see you and Chase,

Misty,and Spice again.

We love you Fluffy and always will.