Fluffy by Leanna


" Fluffy "

Blacky and White Tabby Cat

Your name is true,

Your fur is soft and adds to you.

I care and love you with all my heart,

And hope that we will never be apart.

In many years we will be together in Heaven,

Together in peace and happiness again.

I still remember those years when we would play and laugh,

I remember it all not just half.

Together we'll be forever in our hearts

Before all the pain and loneliness starts.

I'm sorry if I let you suffer,

But you kept getting tougher and tougher!

I love you,forever and for real.

I hope in Heaven you'll stay and heal.

Your whole family misses you and loves you,

Grandma too and we'll stay one day far away,

in Heaven Together!

My love for you stays in my heart Fluffy.

Your more than a friend,