Flurry Scurry & Friends by Tracy Combes / Mama & Shell

~ A Whispered Prayer ~
*for all guinea-pig angels*


Today I prayed for angels
To keep watch over you
To guard and then protect you
In everything you do.

When I whispered to the Heavens
I asked for them to bring
A touch of love and goodness
Sent forth on angel’s wings.

I asked for them to whisper
Peace and joy into your ear
That songs of love and happiness
Would be all that you would hear.

Then I asked the Heavens
To shine upon your face
An extra special blessing
Of their mercy and their grace.

Tonight I asked the Heavens
To grant one more request
That angels stand watch over you
And give you peaceful rest.

So if you feel a brush of wings
Or a soft breeze fills the air…
Just know its angels watching you
Because of a whispered prayer.


~ Your Song ~

When life is filled with storm clouds
And you have lost your song
When you wander in the darkness
When all right has gone wrong…

Stand in peaceful silence
Listen to the wind
The melody that you will hear
Will restore you once again.

The words are filled with comfort
To right what has gone wrong
Listen closely, you will hear
The words there from your song.

So, when you can’t remember
The song your heart once sang
We will stand there with you
Till you hear it once again.



Whispers On The Wings Of Love,
Flurry Scurry & Friends
July 2005
Tracy Combes