Forest by Kelly Bigsby / Mommy

I work in an animal hospital, someone brought in a mother cat that had to be put to sleep because of a very serious injury. But she had two kittens. I took them, they had to have only been a week old. I bottle fed them and hand raised them. That was a little over a year ago. Forest was a beautiful orange and white long haired cat. He had the sweetest personality. He always wanted to be on my chest or on my lap. He was a little overweight and extremely un-graceful. I quickly came up with the nickname Butterball. Vinney his brother was the complete opposite. He is thin, fast and graceful. Forest constantly copied everything he did. Forest died one week ago. Vinney isn’t the same, and I’m not either. We will heal with time, but life will never be the same without that fat, clutzy cat that we all knew as out Butterball.


With Love,
Kelly Bigsby