Foxy by Carrie Morford / Your Mama

My little silver fox. My Roxy-girl. You weren’t supposed to make it into my heart as far as you did. I didn’t even plan on getting you except that Tigra needed a playmate so she would quit driving Patches crazy. But how could I resist you, you shy little “gorgeous” girl with your long, plumed tail. My “sky is falling, Chicken Little”.
I had a hard time making the decision to let you go, but I couldn’t put you through what I put poor Tobi-girl through when I found out she had cancer. I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were sick earlier, maybe something could’ve been done, I’ll never know now.
You were the last of my first generation of fur babies. You were such a good girl, sweet and loving as always. Even when you were so sick, you still wanted to get “butt-pats” and undercover snuggles, you still came when I called, you didn’t put up a fuss when we had to do all the tests and I was giving you all the medications trying to make you better. Even with all the tummy troubles you were having, you didn’t make a mess anywhere you weren’t supposed to.
You even put up with all the newcomers-Piper, Mica, and Ursa-with great restraint and patience on your part. You will always have a piece of my heart, my pretty little girl. Now you can see TT again, I know you missed her so much. Tell the girls I love them, think of them always and have fun playing with them again.


You are forever in my heart,
16, Jan 2006
Carrie Morford