Frank by Susan / Your Sister Nicole

Frank was my BFFL. My cousins owned him and were going to give him up. Then my Aunt Susan stepped in and took Frank in. She had to work so she would put him in a kennel for 2-3 hours and me and grandparents picked him up. I would walk him, feed him, and play with him. On school days, when I would come home after school, I’d see him looking out my grandparents screen door waiting for me. One day my grandmother called and said can you come over and help me, Frank won’t eat anything. When I came over he did eat, but only a little. Soon my Auntie said that Frank had a liver problem. I started to cry, Frank hopped onto my lap and put his nose under my chin and pushed my head up like he was saying everthing was going to be fine. But everything wasn’t fine he passed on a week later. I got a call the night before he died, it was my aunt and she said that she wanted me to come over and see him but she wanted me to remember the good times not the bad. I got a call the next morning that he had gone to heaven. And i just hope he is getting all the belly rubs and treats he possibly could think of!


I Love You, Frank.