Fred by Leslie Smith / Leslie

Sadness and sorrow overshadow my days,
For my dear companion has passed away.
He captured my heart and brought consolation,
This rowdy but gentle, smiling Dalmatian.

He was loving and loyal, playful and protective,
With pep in his step, he was constantly active.
He could hear me coming from afar,
And with anticipation, he knew it was my car.

Always happy to see me, no complaints on his part,
A tail-wagging buddy with a warm and caring heart.
His special ‘woof-woof’ signaled the waste truck was near,
Always alert and in tune without any fear.

And then it happened, a shocking report from the vet,
I am losing my best friend – my sweet, dear pet.
As the days slipped away with no hope of a cure,
I promised he would be safe and secure.

I believe he knew by the tears we both shed
Of his ensuing death and that day of dread.
He licked my face as if to say,
‘Don’t worry’, we’ll meet again someday.

On his day of passing, it was windy and cool,
With raindrops from Heaven – November 2, 2002.
Blessed, with a guardian and my special friend I said,

“I’ll forever remember my robust and
fun-loving – good ‘ol


Love always,
2, Nov 2002
Leslie Smith