Fred Juguilon by Jennifer

Fred did not begin chemo today as planned. Last night he was brought to the hospital because of jaundus, weakness and some skin disorders. All secondary conditions stemming from his cancer. This morning his oncologist said he was no longer confident that chemo would do anything for him but make him feel worse, especialy since he did not respond very well to the steroids.

Ron came with me to pick him up from the hospital and we brought him home. He had rapidly worsened. He could no longer walk and his breathing was very difficult. He was also in some pain that could not be relieved. I finally made the decision to end his suffering.

Kevin came over and with Ron and I, we carried him to the car and over to his vet, who was waiting for him. We carried him into the exam room and Kevin and Ron waited in the waiting room. Fred and I had a few minutes together but he was visably in discomfort. Dr. Koler came in with the injection to put him to sleep but mother nature had other plans.

At 5pm today, Fred lost his battle with cancer and died naturally. It was very quick and sudden. Dr. Koler said he did not suffer. He will be cremated and his ashes distributed among Suzy, Kevin and Sharon, and myself. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us. Our loss is sad but at least his suffering is over.

Fred was my greatest joy. I’m sure wherever he is, he is watching TV, laying on a comfy bed, and eating peanut butter and chocolate cake.


Fred Juguilon