Freddy by Mom, Papa, Melanie, and Serge / Melanie, Mom, Dad, and Serge

For the first time in my life
I saw my father and brother cry.
Then again….considering the circumstances
how could anyones eyes be dry.

For three days we watched, heard,
and felt your pain
Not knowing how to make the decision….
we were driving ourselves insane.

“Dad, what are you talking about?!…
Put him to sleep?!
…”Wait till tomorrow …
he’ll be up on his feet.”

I sat with you throughout the nights
listening to you cry.
Wishing, praying, hoping….
“I’m not ready to say goodbye.”

Freddy, please forgive us…..
there was nothing we could do.
“Mom…tell me this is a nightmare….
tell me this isnt true.”

I wonder if you knew that this night
was the last night I would get
to pet your head.
I wonder if you knew
that was the last night
you would get to sleep next
to my bed.

The 10th of June the doctor came…
she said it’s your time to go
I didn’t have any more energy
left to scream and shout “no”
I couldn’t bare to watch….
I came back when she was through.

I curled up next to you…
and the pain in my heart grew.

It’s been two days…..
we all miss you so much.
we miss your black fur
that we can no longer touch.

But regardless of the pain
that we all feel.
As long as you’re not hurting…
our pain is no big deal.

One day we’ll all be together…
I know that its true.
but, until then my precious Fred…
I’ll say one last “I love you”.


With great love,
10, June 2004
Mom, Papa, Melanie, and Serge