Friendly by jim seitz / From all the Seitz Family

Our Dear Friendly,

So many years past away, since you had your heart attack, and we did not even recognize the symptoms. We miss you in our lives since you were such a good boy. You cared for the new puppies, and let them come close to your belly when they thought you were a “He Mommy”; you came sick to our family from a massive breeding, but you proved everyone, that love conquers all, and you brought home your trophies and the graduation certificate from the AKC. You recognized bad people and good people by your very keen senses, so, we miss you every day that goes by.

I know one day, we all going to be a family again, and we will meet your brothers and you and the laughter will be heard again in our hearts.

Rest in peace my boy until we meet again!!


To our beloved freindly the guard of all of us,
15, Mar 1990
jim seitz