Frisbee by Amy / Amy, Mom, Dad, Zac and Madison

How was I to know, that day when you came into my life, I was getting such a special gift?

Frisbee was given to me when I was four years old. My great-grandmother passed her to me as I sat in the back seat of our car. She was wrapped up in blankets like the baby she was. At just ten weeks old you were already such a personality. Your little bristled tounge poking through the triangle hole in your mouth
as you slept in my arms.

You were adventurous right from the start: braving the tall grass of our backyard to chase bugs and butterflies. From the back porch I would watch you for the next six years as you hunted, basked in the sun, toyed with fish in the pond, and raised your first litter of kittens. I often wonder where all your children are now – and I feel guilty
for not keeping them with you.

I remember, when I was ten, I dubbed you “Queen of the Nile”. You had such a regal air to you. A loveable, pretentious quality. No one could hold you but me – and you refused to do things anyway
but YOUR way.

When we moved, you took the relocation with your usual grace. Your senior years were to be spent in this house. You stopped going outside so much, and calmed down considerably. Still, you seemed to take delight in making us all nervous with your habit of sitting on the window ledges on the second story of the house. You were well over ten, but still possessed such feline grace and polish. I never worried about you.

In Twenty years as my companion you were never sick and only required one surgery when we found a bump on your should (turned out to be nothing thank heavens). When I had to leave you in order to move to New York…I felt so many things. I felt horrible guilt mostly. You were my baby, how could I leave you? I felt like a terrible owner. My parents took such loving care of you tho and called me several times a week to talk about you. They sent pictures and the many times I came home every year – I always gave you a bath.

The last time I saw you was this summer. You were stiff and tired, but still the Queen of the Nile for sure. I kissed you goodbye and promised to see you soon. I did not know that you would be leaving us in the fall. I suppose the thought of another Kentucky winter
was just too much for you.

After dinner on Sunday in September, you crawled into your favorite chair and went to sleep. this time forever. I was devestated. No matter the luck in having you for so long, no matter the comfort that lay in the fact you were not sick, nothing took away the fact that you are gone from my life. Now everyday is a day where you are no longer on the planet. Every person I meet knows you in the past tense.

With the help of my family and people I love, I am getting through this step by step. I still miss you so much my beautiful kitty. You left us the way you lived: your way. I wanted so badly to be there with you, to bury you, to kiss you one last time. I think of you every day and have your picture with me always. There are so many things I regret with you – I wish I had been better to you when I was young. But you and I grew up together and I know you understand. You always did.

Rest peacefully sweet baby.
My Queen of the Nile.
My darling Friz.


With Eternal Love,