Fritz by Debbie / Mom

To my dear Frittie,

I think of you always. You were so sweet and loving. Such a “big” little guy. You took care of me in my time of need and then left me. I want you to know that I came out of the ordeal OK. I hope that you are OK too. I still think that you were an angel sent to take care of me for that time and then leave.

Your death was just too horrible. I still can’t wrap my mind around it. No furkid should have to die that way. By the way, I’ve adopted a new baby and she’s very sweet…but I’m sure you know that. By the way “go find your green ball”! You always did it, though I could never figure out how you knew the difference between
the green, yellow and red ones…….same size.

Such a smartie you were. I’ll always love you and when it’s my time I’ll see you. Wait for me love. PS. have you seen my old dog George up there. I owned him when I was 5 years old. You’d like him.




To Fritz, the Wonder Dog,
28, Aug 1999