Fudge by Jamie Pinnell / From Jamie and Kerriann

Fudge’s mother and father came to us in 2003. They escaped from their previous owner’s property and came to live with us. In November of that year, Fudge and his two brothers and two sisters were born. They all stayed with us for about three months, before we sold one of his brothers and both his sisters. Fudge and his other
brother Smudge lived in the same hutch for a while, before we were forced to separate them because they started fighting.

In April of 2005, Fudge’s mother, Ghost, died. Between Fudge’s birth and his mother’s death, we had another litter of babies, sired by Fudge!
In August of 2005, we lost Fudge, thought to be from a cold which turned to pneumonia.

Fudge used to be the least favourite of his litter, because he used to bite. But not long before he died, he stopped biting and started to enjoy our company. He LOVED his cuddles, and has passed this onto his son, Nitro, whom we have kept.

Fudge will be sadly missed, as will his mother.

In January of 2007, we lost one of the original males, Cocoa. Now, the only original rabbit still living is Berny, Fudge’s father.


Rest in peace Fudge!
Jamie Pinnell