Fudge & Mono


" Fudge & Mono "

April 7 & 11 1999

Guinea Pigs

Mono was our first piggy

whom we adored

she had a punk haircut

and her food she hoard

We named her Mono Cabaya

Spanish for cute guinea pig

she was black white and brown

and loved to dig.

Fudge was our second

cheeky wiry and squirrel like

she was a real character

and eyes always bright

She also loved to dig

and eat the newspaper

when she ran her ears flopped about

she was a wall paper scraper

mono and fudge

chums till the end

they died close together

and this message we do send;

We miss you our little piggies

and this we do employ

our many journeys made together

brought us so much joy

A message from your surrogate mummy

who will miss you lots and lots

she looked after you when we were gone

and loved to brush out all your knots

we miss your high pitch squeekers

at any crinkle of paper

we hope that your both together now

our love and memory lives on.


Bye bye babies.

Kim and Paul.



Fudge & Mono