Furball by Camila / Camila (Mandie)

I was out for a walk to the pet shop to buy a new kitten, and on the way I met this herd of stray kittens. I picked up as many as I could carry at once and turned round to go back home, but then I remembered that Mum said I could only have one cat, so I put them on the floor and sat down with them. I looked hard at the cats, there were persians, tabbies, siamese, himalayan and all sorts of other cats, then a baby himalayan cross with a silver tabby came up to me and started purring and
rubbing itself against me.

I picked up the kitten and kissed it slowly as it licked my nose and pawed at my fingers. All the other cats hissed angrily at us. I got a little scared, so I put the kitten down and started to run home. Then I realised I didn’t have a cat to take home, and those cats were trying to kill the kitten, so I raced back and snatched the kitten from instant death!

I took him home and named him Furball. So when I found out you got run over one day I was so sad, I just had to write this story! Bye!


With love,