Gabe by Your Family / Mommy, Daddy, & Your Sisters

Gabe… You came into our lives as the only male child of the family almost 11 years ago. You gave us more in that time than we could have ever expected. As Dad said, you were a fighter, and you fought for us always, but in the end, we had to love you enough to let you go. “My little boychic is definitely in a better place and I’ll keep talking to him to have him help us out,” Mom wrote. We will keep talking to you, and thinking about you, and loving you forever. Dad’s always had a way with words and his thoughts are what we all feel for you.

“Losing Gabe was traumatic and heartbreaking, but he will always have a place in our home. He required so little and brought so much.

Gabe was part of our family. He left this world knowing that he was loved and cherished. You can’t ask for more than that.”

And we couldn’t ask for more than you.


We love you.
Your Family