Gabriella {Gabbi Girl} by Paigey, Trisha & Scott Fladseth / Mama, Daddy, and Paigey

Gabbi Girl….We miss calling your name and seeing you’re smiling face galloping towards us. We miss you putting your head in our laps for “loves and pets”. We miss your head hanging out the car window, ears flapping in the wind. We miss you barking to warn of someone at the door. We miss everything about your presence. It it is gone now, and we will never be the same again.

You were such a huge part of our family and without you our hearts are aching to have you “shake a paw” or “go for a ride?” just one more time.

The vet was confident that you would pull through….but the defoliant was just too much for even great big you to handle. You died gracefully, with dignity. Getting up to go outside to “do your business” even when you were so weak….the vet loved you so much. She did all she could to save you, but we lost you just the same.

If we could go back in time, we never would have gone to the lake, had we only known that it had been treated with defoliants. No warning signs posted anywhere….no one told us anything about poison at the lakeshore. We would have protected you from that danger. You were so happy to be there….why did you eat something that was not food? You were much smarter than that.

We believe that you died to warn others of the dangers at the lake. To keep Cory and Annie May safe from absorbing through their feet, the “poison” that will remain in the mud at the lake for years to come.

You gave us your best…always. You could never be replaced…but we truly can feel your spirit shining through in the new puppy, Lucy, and we know that you will guide and teach her to be just like you. In that way, you will always be here with us, giving us your best love….

Gabbi Girl….you really were a “Good ‘Ol Girl” and we will miss you always. We will never, ever forget you. Your spirit will live forever in our hearts, and someday, we’ll walk with you again on the Rainbow Bridge. Until that day, we hope that you will be “chasing kitties” with Lady Bug, and waiting to see us “cross over” to meet you.

Rest in Peace Gabbi Girl, and know how much you are missed and loved….now and forever.

Gabbi Girl….you truly were our “Guardian Angel” and we know you always will be. xoxo


With all the love you gave to us and more,
Gabriella {Gabbi Girl}
11, July 2005
Paigey, Trisha & Scott Fladseth