Gali by Anat

On Sunday October 10th 1999 I came home and found out that my worse fear I’ve never wanted to imagine has come true. My sweet beautiful dog Gali wasn’t there and she was never coming back.

I cried like I have never cried in my whole life. It still hurts. There is something in your pet that makes you realize how much better they are than humans. Gali was born in June 24 1984. She was the most hyperactive and jolly from all the puppies. I got her into the shower a few weeks later. I was 4 years old. I remember I asked my dad to buy a German Shepherd. but he bought her instead. But I loved her and she was so tiny. Look at your palm. She was that size. She looked like a lil shoe so we named her after “GALI” an Israeli shoes company. (it’s also a common
human girl’s name)

Unfortunately dogs don’t live long like human beings and time had passed too fast. She was getting old. She used to jump on my bed at nights until her back didn’t let her then she cried and I woke up and picked her up until she got cancer and her tumors got bigger. She suffered and we knew we had to say goodbye one day… we just didn’t want
to believe it.

On Saturday her situation got worse she was very miserable but still kept her young spirit even in that old body. I didn’t want to face the fact she was dying so i shut my door and cried myself to sleep. I only saw her in the morning after before I left for work and she was sleeping. My dad took her to the vet believing she was going to have a surgery. but the vet said it would be better to put her to sleep. And that was it. I cried for days. I cried oceans. I still cry when I think of her. Nothing will ever change it. This is my goodbye.

Oct. 1999

Gali my beautiful one.
I still feel you are here
But when I call your name
there is silence.

and when I come home
you don’t welcome me anymore.
You stopped coming to my room.
but I remember you.

You were looking at me
with your puppy eyes.
fill with warmth.
How they used to shine in joy
those eyes used to say it all.

Even if you couldn’t speak
you were more human
than any human being
I could possibly meet.

I didn’t want you
but now you are all I want.
My love my sister
my child of light.

Now the tears shimmer
in my eyes.
You’re gone
and I can never call you back.
Where did you go
sweet love of my life?
I miss you so much.

Wherever you are now
please know I’m sorry
for everything
bad or wrong I ever did to you.
I hope you remember
only the good.
I will never forget you baby.
You will always exist in my heart.



10, Oct 1999