Garthfield by Luke / Luke

I choose Garthy when he was 2 weeks old and then went to see him again at 4 weeks old. Sadly when Garthy was 5 weeks I got a phone call saying did I want to collect Garth because his mum had been hit by a car and died, I was very saddened by this and said I would pick him up straight away. When I got there to collect him, I was over the moon with this little fluffy ginger kitten, he was gorgeous. I picked him up and kissed him but then I notice there was a another little kitten left, I asked when is she going to a new home, the lady said they didn’t no, but then the lady said ‘would you like to take her home to?’ I just couldn’t leave her on her own! So I took Garth and his sister home with me.

From the moment we got home I could tell Garthy was such a loveable little kitten, he just followed me all the time and as soon as I sat down he was on my lap purring away. I was amazed just how friendly he was, because he was born I a barn in the middle of a field and didn’t have that much human contact. As Garthy got older he got more and more close to friends and family, if any one came into my house Garthy would always have greeted them by jumping up and rubbing his head on them while purring very loudly. Garthy was a loveable happy cat and was always purring when around people, even when he was eating you could her him purring.

Garthy was very much an indoors cat and would only pop out for a short amount of time and never would venture far.

He loved to lay in the middle of the floor while my children was playing and very often he would be gladly pushed around be my sister in her dolls pram. All the time you could tell that Garthy loved all the attention because he was constantly purring. My lovely little cat use to also love the comforts of bed time where he would always be on or in the bed before me, he loved to snuggle up under the covers and very often he would wake me up in the morning while he was curled up on my pillow with his big loved purring noise. As I woke he would always put a big smile on my face in the morning. Garth’s best friend was our other male cat called loowee, they were like brothers and would sometimes tap each other when annoyed,
but you could tell they loved each other.

When I would come home they would be cured up together, most of the time on my bed. Things will never be the same with out my little ginger boy. I still have loowee and together we are trying to come to terms with this. I know Loowee is grieving as wall as the family and I, maybe in a different way but I can tell he is sad and he knows Garth’s not coming back. When ever I’m crying loowee seems to understand and stays with me. I speak to loowee and asks him ‘how are we going to cope with this’, he doesn’t answer me but I no if he could them he would say ‘we will help each other.’ I also still have Garth’s sister although she didn’t seem to be close to him and I can’t see her grieving. She’s always been more of an out door cat even though my cats have a cat flap and are never shut out.

We will never forget our little ginger cat that tragically died so young. He was only 2 and half years old, also it seemed he was just such a unek and loveable cat. He will be in my head and heart for ever and you will be very
sadly missed be everyone

Garth sadly died of kidney failure on the 14th of march 2008, caused by blocked bladder, the vets tried hard all day to try and make him better, I will never for get that phone call from the vets at 5.09 telling me that he had passed away, it was like being shot in the heart. It’s hard to explain
but it hurt me badly.


‘If you can hear me Garthy, we will always love you, and I will never ever forget you,
I love you so much’
14, Mar 2008