Garthfield by Sarah / Family

Garth’s story

I choose Garthy when he was 2 weeks old and then went to see him again at 4 weeks old. Sadly when Garthy was 5 weeks I got a phone call saying did I want to collect Garth because his mum had been hit by a car and died, I was very saddened by this and said I would pick him up straight away. When I got there to collect him, I was over the moon with this little fluffy ginger kitten, he was gorgeous. I picked him up and kissed him but then I notice there was a another little kitten left, I asked when is she going to a new home, the lady said they didn’t no, but then the lady said ‘would you like to take her home to?’ I just couldn’t leave her on her own! So I took Garth and his sister home with me.

From the moment we got home I could tell Garthy was such a lovable little kitten, he just followed me all the time and as soon as I sat down he was on my lap purring away. I was amazed just how friendly he was, because he was born I a barn in the middle of a field and
didn’t have that much human contact.

As Garthy got older he got more and more close to friends and family, if any one came into my house Garthy would always have greeted them by jumping up and rubbing his head on them while purring very loudly. Garthy was a lovable happy cat and was always purring when around people, even when he was eating you could him purring.


Please rest in peace,
14, Mar 2008