Gatsby by Erin and Les / Erin

I was 15 when I came home with a small kitten in a gift bag with the letters BABY on the side. I had adopted Gatsby from the animal shelter nearby. Only a few short months before, we had adopted Murphy, a 9 month old golden retriever. Within minutes Murphy and Gatsby were great friends. Murphy used to carry gatsby around by the head, always chewing on him and slobbering him up. They played and fought like they were both cats.

Gatsby was always plagued with urinary tract infections, and they always got serious with hospital stays. I remember the christmas of 2000 I spent in the animal hospital because Gatsby was very sick. Then a few years later he endured an accident that left him completely deaf. This caused him to lose a lot of his capabilities. He no longer heard you coming or calling him, and was easily startled. His cries got louder because he couldn’t hear his own voice anymore.

Then 18 months ago he was backed over by a neighbors van. I rushed to his aid, took him back to the very familiar animal hospital and hoped he would be ok. His diagnosis was rough, his pelvis was broken in 3 places. Surgery was a tricky option complete with plates and screws. There was a chance with physical therapy he could recover on his own. So we tried that. He finally recovered and could walk again with the pelvis still broken.

Then in February Murphy got very sick, she had organ failure, brain tumor and blindness in one eye. On February 3rd, I put her down, let her go, and hoped she would someday frolic in animal heaven with Gatsby again.

The following February on the 1 year anniversary of losing Murphy, the vet called about Gatsby’s diagnosis, he was sick again in the animal hospital with a urinary tract infection. He now also had FIV. His infections would only increase and his immune system would fail. We nursed him but his quality of life was dropping fast. February 13 Gatsby joined Murphy in animal heaven. I only hope that now they are both pouncing and running together.

Gatsby enjoyed following mom around in the yard while she was gardening. He was always waiting for me in the driveway when I got home from school and mom from work. He would peek out the blinds by the back door when you pulled around. And he almost always slept on the middle of the stairs, always in your way but always there. Murphy was the same way, always laying in your way but always there. She had the nickname monument or road block.

They are the best of friends at the worst of times and for that reason I will never forget them both.


With More Love Than You Know,
Erin and Les