Genie by Sydney and Nicholas Krivenko / Sydney and Nicholas, Mommy and Daddy


With soft long hair and Baby charms,
she’s snoring in our arms,
abused and treated unkind,
she still knew where to find
true love and security,
in her trusting eyes heaven’s purity,
an ever wagging tail reveals
a friendly soul that steals
all human hearts at first sight,
like a smile illuminates the night,
a funny clown who doesn’t play
still makes us laugh every day
with her cute innocence,
a big heart full of confidence
in people’s gentle souls
she brings out the best in all those
who look deep into her eyes,
and see a spirit so wise,
a companion full of faith;
she understands every word we say,
in complete and total trust
she has given herself to us.

Sybille(Sydney) Krivenko 2007


We will never forget you, Schnucki.
1, Feb 2009
Sydney and Nicholas Krivenko