Gennie by Camila / Camila

My aunt bought me two Mice, Gennie (I called her Gennah)and Lucky, on the seventh day of owning them, at night, Gennah ran out into the garden, when we woke up, we found her lying on the ground. Either it was too cold, or the dog killed her. But we buried her and put a wire cross where she lay. Lucky woke up in the pet store, he thought we were gonna sell him, but we bought two new mice as a friend, Sasha and Charly. Charly and Sasha mated, and had a litter that wouldn’t stop!!!In the end, the 50 babies were eaten by Charly, who died then, along with Sasha and Lucky. Only two babies survived, Sasha 2 and Jasper. But they died without mating.


Pet stores of love,