Geordie by Shelly Wolf-Lake / Mommy

Well here it is, Bad Mommy Day, and you’re not here to observe it with me. Remember last year in June when I found out you had stones, and then you had to have surgery on the 15th? Mommy felt so bad for not knowing you hadn’t been feeling well, that I told you from now on June 15 would be Bad Mommy Day, and I would get you a special treat each year on that day. I really expected you’d at least be here one year later to mark it with me.

Mommy misses you still, like it was yesterday you passed, even though it’s been a month and a half. My darling wee Geordie, it’s so hard to go on without your sweet body and spirit here every day. I even miss all your traits that used to aggravate me! Your fuzzbutt, and how you didn’t like me to groom you. Your hatred for baths (not that you got many!) in your Mr. Turtle kiddie pool. Your tendency to go berserk when you were excited. Actually, there wasn’t all that much that really bothered me, I found everything you did endearing, even when I had to clean up muddy floors, walls, paws; hold you down to brush you, etc.; try to drive with you being crazed with excitement in the back seat because you were going to grandma and grandpa’s (where you got good treats); nope, I loved every minute with you.

That’s why it’s so hard without you. You were my ally, my best friend, my reason for being. Such a smart, sensitive buddy. You used to press up against me to comfort me when I was crying. I sure wish you could do that now. I thank God for all the years we had together, and pray that he will let us be together again in heaven. Bless you my baby,


Love and tears,
1, May 2005
Shelly Wolf-Lake