Geordie by Shelly Wolf-Lake / Mommy

Dearest Geordie,

How I miss you this Christmas season. I haven’t stopped crying since you left us this spring. Without you, I realize that there is nothing I need or want this Christmas, only you, and that is impossible. It’s easy to see now what is important in life, and it isn’t things. To think that you won’t be here to share this Christmas with me is so hard.

No hanging a stocking for you with your favorite smelly treats in it, no putting your “jingle” collar on to go to grandma and grandpa’s. You’ll be glad to know we’re not going there for Christmas dinner this year, so you won’t be missing out on anything! I can’t believe I didn’t take a Christmas picture of you last year —
what was I thinking to forget that??

No picture of your last Christmas! But I can remember how you liked to unwrap your presents. You were so good at it! And you loved turkey dinner and didn’t care if I put your Christmas collars on you, as long as you got to be part of everything. Last year you were left out of too much, and
I’m so sorry.

I don’t think we’ll put up a tree this year, because your new “sister” is a Brat and would probably break the ornaments or knock it over. Not like you, my sweetheart, who was always so good and only sniffed the tree each year and
then left it alone.

I’ve told our new girl about Saint Geordie, which is how I choose to remember you — a Good Boy always, with an occasional bout of mischief, a constant joy to your mama. I used to say “You’re the doggie mama loves” and you’d have this big grin on your face.
Well, you’re still
the doggie mama loves, forever.


Missing you always,
1, May 2005
Shelly Wolf-Lake