Geordie by Shelly Wolf-Lake / Mommy

Dearest Geordie,

It’s been almost a month and I still can’t believe you’re gone. My heart is broken, and I can’t stop crying. I need you so much, and just want you back. I worked so hard with your doctor to keep you well and healthy, and just when things were looking better, tragedy struck with something new,
out of the blue.

If I thought you would have recovered from the surgery, I would have paid any money for it. But you hadn’t been doing so well since your surgery last year, honey, and I think I was slowly losing you, but just wouldn’t see it.

I know you were old, but you were always so healthy until a little over a year ago. And I did ask you to live forever because I needed you. I know you tried, because you loved your mommy and always wanted to be with me. Jim and I miss you very much; our home is so empty without you. You two were just starting to get close, but already
you’d won his heart.

Our relationship was much older, we were so bonded that we were part of each other. You lived for me, and I lived for you. You were the happiest part of my life for almost thirteen years. Starting with when I adopted you from the shelter, a frightened, abused dog, who finally decided I was worthy of your trust and love. Oh, how honoured I feel to have been your mommy; you had eyes for no one else, only me. Bringing you home was the best thing I ever did in my life!

I miss your talking and howling, your attacks of the “sillies”, your love of walks, car rides, massages, tummy rubs, and people food (especially meat).

No one knew exactly what kind of dog you were — our best guess was Shetland Sheepdog crossed with German Shepherd and Samoyed or Husky. Whatever breeds, they combined to make you the cutest dog anywhere. You were more handsome than any other dog we met. You were also more hairy, but mommy loved all your hair, even though I was forever brushing it off my clothes. Now every hair
I find is precious!

You never gave me any real trouble, you weren’t a problem barker, weren’t destructive, would have never hurt anyone ever. To think no one wanted you, and you were due to be euthanized if I hadn’t rescued you. You were the best dog, ever, and I’ll never find another to fill your pawprints. I hope you know how much I love you, and how sorry I am for all the times I got frustrated with you, I guess I couldn’t accept that you were aging. How I wish you’d had a better last day on earth with no vet appointments, no restricted diet, and definitely not the horrible pain you suffered at the end.

Your pain is over, sweetie, and you lived your life well. I didn’t deserve you, but you loved me unconditionally and helped me through the hard times. I can never thank you enough for sharing your life with me. Mommy misses her baby boy.


With all my undying love,
1, May 2005
Shelly Wolf-Lake