George by Dianne Kurtz / Love,


George was my long haired teddy bear hamster. He was a rescue. He was abused by his former family, but even though they didn’t treat him very well, he still trusted people. I loved putting him in his ball and watching him have fun. But he was slowing down. I know hamsters have a short life span and knew his time was coming to an end. So on March 23, 2006 he was dying because he was old. I was having knee surgery the next morning, but held him in my hand just stroking his long hair and telling him how much I love him before I went to sleep. I put his cage next to my bed and said “I love you George, very much.” Then I fell asleep. In the morning,I knew he was dead, but he heard every word that mama said to him because his left ear was standing straight up,
and his right ear folded under.


I love you George and miss you.
Dianne Kurtz