George by Ian & Family


We had only knew you for a couple of months but you had a wonderful personality. You were rare. In human years you may have been about 100 years old. You were a good goldfish and the first one I ever had. You where always in the side of your aquarium nearest the people. I remember the good times I had just stroking you and petting you. You always used to go right by my finger whenever I wanted to pet you. You always used to play in your little tiny cave and your house with the windmill attached. You liked your plants but you hardly ever went over to that side because it was farthest away from the family. I know that alot of people don’t care when their goldfish dies but It is hard for me to go without crying whenever I think about you. You died on Thanksgiving. I guess that’s supposed to mean something but I havenÆt figured it out yet. It is hard for me to think about the fact that I will not see you for the rest of my life. I was just getting used to you. I wish so much that I could just see you one more time to stroke you like I always did. Maybe we can meet sometime in my dreams.

And for my last words

God Please let George be happy and stroke him like I always did. Hold him and love him. Never let him feel sad and tell him we love him. For it is the truth. Tell him that he can see us whenever he wants and tell him that he was the best fish anyone could ever have.
George we will be waiting for you in our dreams.
I will see you again one day when I catch up to you.

Love And Peace

Ian Mom And Dad.

You will never stray from our hearts.


23, Nov 2000
Ian & Family