Gerty by Francine

Gerty there are no words for what you and I share. The most special and wonderful love that two could possible ever share. We have a love thats unique and seldom found and we have God to thank for letting this so very special love that we share to have been found. I think of you always as I know that you think of me too. I love you even more with every new day and when that new day is here all I think about is when you will be near. I know that you are close but it is that special touch that I miss the most. I can still hear your bark that was so loud and strong and shouting out to me that your love for me is so very strong. I can still see your eyes following every move that I would make and watching to see the next step that I would take. You never judged me or even doubted me no matter what I did or how I acted even if you knew that it was bad the way I had acted. It has now been six months that has passed us by since we were so abruptly separated and with a definite divide. Gerty have faith and be strong and hold on and never stop believing that we will you and me be back together again just as happy as we used to be.

Gerty I Love You So Much!



Gerty it has now been a year and our love is still just as strong just like you were here. I have dreaded this day from the very first day on the 22nd of last year. I knew it would come and here it is and I am still so very sad and missing you still so very bad. I love you so much and you are my baby girl and I know that you know of all the times when I think of you and look at your pictures and think of those precious moments that only you and I will know.

I love you Gerty and please don’t never let go. We are still together in heart and soul and it is not the same but we know that we can never be separated whether living or by soul. 365 is a number that when you look at it on paper does not look like much but it is a very strong number and it means so very much.

I love you Gerty.


Gerty I love you and think of you always. You are my baby girl.

Love Francine

Gerty it has now been two years since we were separated and my love for you is still and always will be strong. I love you so much and miss you so bad. You are my baby girl and I want you back and I feel so sad. I know you are with me but it is so hard not having you to hold and love and play with and comfort and be so very happy cause of all the love we have. We are connected and always will be.

I love you Gerty and
I know you love me.

Gerty I love you!

Gerty three years it has been now and I am lost for words that can say the feelings that I have for you. I love and miss you so very much. Sometimes I will see you out of the corner of my eye and with so much as a blink you are gone but I get a good feeling knowing that you were here and that you are always near.

I love you Gerty!


22, September 2000