Gideon by Pamela Silberman / Your loved one

Gideon was love. His life was a symbol of strength and love beyond all limitation. He came into my life as a survivor and gave me 8 years of his heart. Always striving to live, even through handicap, he mostly strived to share.

Gideon gave real hugs, paw on each shoulder and snuggled his big head beneath mine. He slept as close to me as he could, usually hogging the pillow, but often placing a paw on me for extra comfort (this usually wound up in my face).

Gideon means warrior, and this name was him. He fought to be love, to be able and to live beyond any limitation that his body gave him, even up to the end.

Gideon you will always be remembered for the unlimited gifts you gave. Rest in peace.


Your Love remains,
3, Jan 2005
Pamela Silberman