Ginger Babes by Marc, Marsha, & Christina Kjar / Marc, Marsha, & Christina

Ginger was our beloved red smooth-haired Dachshund. She was a birthday gift in the spring of 1990 for our daughter. Ginger had many little health problems; but her back plagued her and finally one fateful day in the spring of 2003, she became crippled. Ginger was so special to our family that we could not give her up. We nursed her back as far as possible but she was still paralyzed and remained
in diapers for two years.

For a while, she was able to walk on her front legs with the help of a harness until becoming too weak. Her health was gradually declining and we made the decision in May of 2005 to let her go. We all miss Ginger so very much. We were fortunate to have spent 15 wonderful years with her…even though it was not near long enough for us. The house is emptier now as we adjust to life without our Ginger Babes. The memories we made during the 15 years will be
forever in our hearts.

Ginger loved to run around our furniture and play ‘catch me if you can’, she loved snuggling in towels, blankets or anything made of cloth,& she loved her morning treat of a banana…a few memories to share. Ginger….we love you so very much & our hearts ache without you in our home. We know you are in a better place now and hope you will wait
for us at the Rainbow Bridge.


Happy Trails Ginger...Until We Meet You Again....
Ginger Babes
20, May 2005
Marc, Marsha, & Christina Kjar