Ginger by Bridget



February 14 1983 ----- September 23 1999



You came to us a puppy oh so small

And it certainly wasn't long before you were loved by all.


When you were young you liked to run and play

Although sometimes I got scared and ran away.


Time passed and my how you grew

And I knew I couldn't be afraid of a dog as sweet as you.


You liked playing with your ball and swimming in your pool

And lying in the shade to keep cool.


Little ones were always fascinated by you

You were always so gentle no matter what they'd do.


As you got older you preferred to be indoors

Lying on your rug or the middle of the floor.


You'd sleep all day and go outside after dark

Then you'd sit at the door and bark.


Eventually your walk became very slow

And we knew it was time to let you go.


Now you're gone and our grief is as big

As the holes in the yard you used to dig.


But we can still smile through our tears

Because you gave us many happy years.


You weren't just a pet you see

You were a part of our family.