Ginger Schnapps by Rona Valente / Rona, Val, Ma, Pa, Rey, Jun Jun

Ginger was named after our first Rottweiler. Our first Ginger passed away last September 2003. I took it very hard. That’s why we named our second Rottweiler Ginger again. Having the same color and looks, we believe it was our first Ginger back to life. The first Ginger was just calmer, hehehe. I love and miss her immensely also. So we at home comfort ourselves that Ginger (#2) is now romping away
happily with Bonzai and Ginger(#1.

Ginger came to us last November 2003. Ginger quickly displayed her mischievous and playful nature the moment she set foot on her new home. She loved to annoy our Japanese Spitz, my baby Bonzai (who passed away last Jan 4,2004..I love and miss my Bonzai so much too. It’s indescribable.) Ginger enjoys running around the house, (quick! get out of the way, or she’ll bowl you down!) She whips around dish rags and chases after birds and butterflies as if there were no tomorrow. She has this obsession with insects, from lizards to spiders.

A hunter at heart, she can smell the scent of a mouse a mile away. She also acts like a person, she sits near us during meal times, she sleeps flat on her back next to my on my bed, she bids us off and greets us with a big jump when we arrive…She makes everyone in the family laugh. She follows me every where I go! When I tell her I’m going to bed, she follows me to the room. When the phone rings, and
I stand to answer it, she hops up too.

She always gets excited when she hears our car get into the garage. When we open the back door, she jumps out and tries to get into the car. She loves taking rides with us – she loves biting the wind! And when we go out for a walk she bites the handle of her leash, basically she’s pulling me where she wants to go.

One time, she was so impatient to go out, she actually picked up the leash and dropped it in front of my mom! Ginger is an adventurous dog – she enjoys sniffing around the backyard and barking at the ocean water. 🙂 She also had an exciting encounter with a snake! A very hyperactive dog, she loves being chased after, she cunningly stays put pretending that she’s allowing herself to be caught, then when you’re near, she gallops away as if to say, “Catch me if you can!” We played so many Run-around-the-kitchen-table games. She hates having her nails get trimmed, but she loves getting a bath (but getting her dry is hard, always end up playing tug-of-war with her towel) Needless to say, most of our socks and slippers have holes in it, she loves to gnaw things to bits!

There are sooo many things I enjoy about my Ginger girl — all of it swirling in my mind right now. Ginger left us to go to our Maker last Feb.12’05,(due to liver disease). I miss her so much. I miss running my hands through her black shiny coat. I miss scratching her behind her ears. I miss calling out her name and seeing her bounding up to me with so much energy. I miss the sound of paws on our floor. I miss her bark (she barks like crazy when water delivery man comes) I miss her smell. I miss her “good morning” licks on my hands. I just miss her company so much it hurts so bad. I know she is happy, so much happier in heaven, where she has all her dog playmates and all her favorite food and toys.

Right now, I believe they (Ginger#1, Bonzai, also Furby, Princess, Lightning) are all enjoying a big juicy bone and steak. Thinking of that comforts me. I wish she had more time with us. I dressed my Ginger with my favourite brown corduroy jacket, placed a picture of me, a bottle of essential oil. I put a bunch of sunflowers on her rest bed, her head on a fluffy pillow. (She enjoyed ripping our pillows to shreds by the way ) Ginger, I miss you. You brought laughter and joy to our home. I love you so much. I want to hug you again so badly it hurts! You are a wonderful, lovable, beautiful dog. I’ll be seeing you up there one day, I know you’ll be there to meet me at the gate. We love you!!!You are always
in our thoughts and hearts.


Your family who adores & misses you,
Ginger Schnapps
Rona Valente