Gingerbread by Craig / Craig

She was my best mate. I loved her for over 14 years of my life; when she got sick from old age I was 20, I was big headed and pig headed. When she was on the way out I made my brother take her to the vet to be put down and when he brought her home with teary eyes I just wanted to get her buried in the ground so it would be over with.

I was more worried about other things that were so important that I cant ever remeber now. I’d forgotten how much I loved her; how I missed her sleeping at the bottem of the bed between my legs at night; how she used to paw at my hands when ever I was eating savoury shapes; how she used to play with her toys and how she used to cry out in the house when ever she thought she was alone.

I miss her so much, she didn’t deserve to die with out me with her and my brother didn’t deserve to bare the task alone. Every day I wish I could just be with her for a day. I’d give all the money I own and all my possesions I have for the chance.

Goodbye girl, I’ll never forget you.


Goodbye girl, please forgive me,